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2019 Nutley Scouting for Food Food Drive Smashes All Previous Records

NUTLEY, NJ – The recent food drive conducted by the Nutley Boy Scout Troop 147 and Cub Scout Packs 141 and 142  saw a record collection for the Nutley Food Pantry housed at the local Nutley Family  Service Bureau office on Chestnut Street.  As of this date 34,046 food items were collected up over 6,000 from the previous high 27,712 collected last year. That amounts to a 23 percent increase.   In 2013 the total was 10,653.  The project in Nutley began in 2006 and 2007 is the first year of recording the totals with 3405 items collected.

“This was an exhausting day, but a great way to teach the Scouts, especially the young Cub Scouts the meaning of helping others”, stated Walt Smith, Pack 141 Chairman and chairman of the project.  “After topping 13,000 food items in 2013, I thought we reached our maximum potential, with last year’s incredible total of 27,765 but this year was amazing.    The need this time of the year is especially great.  ”  “We were able to reach this remarkable total because we now have more Scouts in Nutley participating (This year 95% of  all Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts actively  participated)   than in previous years and a major effort was made to coordinate coverage of nearly all street in town”, continued Smith .  “The Scouts would like to thank the Nutley community for generous donations to help those in need in our town”, said Smith.

“I want to congratulate each of the Boy Scout Troop and Cub Scout Packs for their leadership in organizing their respective group to make the project a tremendous success and to the many Nutley Family Service Bureau volunteers for their valuable help at the Pantry”, stated Smith.  The organizing committee, in addition to Smith, included Co-chair Monica Suarez, Joel Perez, Jennifer Boyes, Marisa Treglio and Chris Treglio leaders of Pack 142 Joanne Gola Troop 147, Joann Kielblock Pack 141 and Eileen Painter, Executive Director of the Nutley Family Service Bureau.

More than 120 Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts participated in the project.  “Nutley Family Service Bureau gathered an additional 120 volunteers to help at the collection site”, stated Eileen Painter, Executive Director of the Bureau.  “The day would not have been such a big success without the volunteer’s enthusiastic help.  All those items will support the Food Panty and the more than 225 households for much of the year.  We are thrilled to partner with the Nutley Scouts to fill the pantry”, continued Painter.

Boy Scout troop 147 was led by Scott Bolton at 800 and Edward Grieg at 543.    The younger Cub Scouts were led by Evan Blanchard with 530 and Teddy Treglio of Pack 142 with 529. The Ballou brothers collected 858.   Pack 141 was let by Daniel Kielblock, Jr.          with 751 followed by Andrew Gumeny with 643 and Daniel DiCristo with 565.  Jeffrey and Jesse Quinn collected 559 Simon and John Tevletidis had 544.  “The efforts of individual Scouts has reached a whole new level Smith added “We are proud of every single Scout for their effort in helping our residents in need”.

The campaign was launched on “Bag Distribution Day” the weekend of March 23 when Scouts distribute bags to residences in Nutley.   The committee counted the number of houses on every street, and then assigned a Scout to each of the 8,300 home to drop off a bag. The Scouts returned to the residences on the following week, “Bag Collection Day,” to retrieve the bags filled with donated non-perishable items.

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