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Cookie, Duffy the Disney Bear’s newest friend, makes her global debut at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

HONG KONG – At a special welcome party in the park, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL) today proudly introduced a new Disney character named Cookie, the newest friend of Duffy. More than three hundreds fans from all around the world cheered in excitement as they meet this adorable new friend of Duffy at her global debut at HKDL.

Cookie is a girl puppy who is inventive and resourceful, particularly when it comes to food. With her signature beautiful eyes and long floppy ears, Cookie charms her fans with her passion for delicious recipes to delight and amuse. This food lover, in a chef’s hat with a cute pink bow, is the very best of friends with Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni and StellLou.

Starting from today, guests at HKDL will be the first to meet Cookie in person at “Main Street Cinema: My Journeys with Duffy – Presented by Fujifilm.” HKDL is also proud to offer exclusive merchandise items celebrating her arrival, including desserts and other snacks inspired by Cookie herself and her creative recipes.

A special recipe for friendship

Duffy first met Cookie along Main Street, U.S.A. while he was about to enjoy some delicious cotton candy. He accidentally bumped into Cookie who was carrying a huge stack of waffles and all their treats flew into the air! Luckily, Cookie caught them, which inspired her to turn the ingredients into a cotton candy waffle sandwich. The accident turned out to be a recipe for friendship!

Fans from around the world gather to meet Cookie

Satomi Iwano, a super fan of Duffy and Friends who specially made a trip from Japan to Hong Kong to meet with Cookie, said, “Duffy and Friends are really popular in Japan. Every time I visit Hong Kong, I also come to HKDL to meet Duffy and his friends in person. I also love adding to my Duffy merchandise collection! Last year, I even welcomed StellaLou when she first arrived in Hong Kong. I’m so happy that I could join this magical moment today to welcome Cookie and meet so many Duffy fans from around the world!”

Tiffany Wong, a local Duffy fan, said, “As a huge fan of Disney and Duffy, today is definitely a big day. It’s the first time for a Disney character to have a global debut at HKDL before the rest of the world. I am so glad I could be here to witness the arrival of Cookie. It really means a lot to me!”

Daily Arrival Moment of Cookie

Every day, a special arrival moment to welcome Cookie will be staged in front of “Main Street Cinema: My Journeys with Duffy.” After that, guests will be able to meet Cookie in person there and learn her new ideas about food!

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