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6 Reasons To Hoard @JamsByKim #JerseyFresh Peach Jam

Forget the beaches, summer in the Garden State is all about the peaches. Eating fresh, local peaches, offered for sale hours after they were picked, is a real treat: making visits to farmers markets a very special summer event. For most of us, Jersey peaches are only available for a short season.  Kim Osterhoudt of Jams by Kim is changing that. Here’s six reasons why you should hoard Jams By Kim peach jam at a local farmers market this week.

  • Jams by Kim uses only JerseyFresh peaches for her award winning jam. New Jersey ranks fourth in the nation with regard to peach production behind South Carolina, Georgia and California. Virtually all of the fruit in Kim’s jams is local to NJ, even the wine jams uses wine from vineyards in the Garden State.
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    Matarazzo Farms, in North Caldwell and Belvedire NJ, is the primary source of peaches for Peach Jam.

  • As the peach harvests continue, Peach Varietals like Peach Habanero and Peach Margarita will make cameo appearances at Farmers’ Markets. Peach Habanero is great brushed on grilled chicken or wings Each time we’ve purchased peach margarita we’ve eaten it all on a spoon, so we welcome your ideas for ways to use it.
  • Mix in a little hot English mustard into Peach Jam for an incredible sandwich spread that can take ordinary ham or turkey sandwiches to new heights. (those little packs of hot mustard from the Chinese Take-away work perfectly well) Peachy hot mustard will probably get more praise at your Super Bowl gathering than even the most creative automotive commercial.
  • Chef Josh Falzone’s Peach Cookies. Chef Josh is a part of the farmers’market at the Duke Farms Estate in Hillsborough NJ. His peach cookies were a HUGE hit when offered at the market – not only did all the cookies go quickly, but Kim sold nearly 50 jars of Peach Jam during the sampling period. While these peach cookies are great anytime of year, they’re guaranteed to be a game-changer during the Christmas cookie season. The recipe for the Peach Cookies can be found  HERE.
  • Stir in a little Bourbon for the best Ice Cream topping ever.

Each summer for the past several years we’ve hoarded Jams By Kim Peach Jam to use over the course of the year. On a snowy February Sunday morning, nothing beats Peach jam on a croissant!

Jams by Kim can be found at the Farmers Market at Dukes Farm in Hillborough on Thursday evenings, Rutgers Gardens at Rutgers University on Fridays, Montclair Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, and the Downtown Summit Farmers’ Market on Sunday mornings.

Be sure to like JamsByKim on Facebook and follow on Twitter at @JamsByKim for the latest news, flavors, and serving suggestions.

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