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Glaze Donuts to be Featured on Good Morning America

Artisan doughnut shop and bakery Glaze Donuts in New Milford, is pleased to announce that their hugely popular Italian Rainbow Donut will be featured in tomorrow’s (Saturday, April 2, 2016) “Pop News” segment on the long-running Good Morning America program. Fresh off their viral video published by Thrillist (, the segment should air at approximately 7:55am on WABC-NY (Channel 7).



Established in July 2014, Glaze Donuts has taken North Jersey by storm with an array of artisan-made doughnuts. The independently owned bakery prides itself on producing premium baked goods that elevate it above doughnut chain offerings. They pridefully cook their doughnuts to perfection in small batches throughout the day, using only the highest quality, natural ingredients — with no preservatives, HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) or artificial coloring.

Doughnut flavors run the gamut from the classics — glazed, powdered sugar, jelly, Jersey cream (sorry Boston) — to unique artisan creations like Cannoli (Judge’s Choice at the 2016 Donutfest NYC), Maple Bacon and the weekend-only Italian Rainbow Donut.
The menu at Glaze also includes bakery items like turnovers and muffins along with custom doughnut cakes and doughnut towers — a stack of doughnuts and doughnut holes in a cone-shaped design. Made-to-order breakfast egg sandwiches and crepes round out the food choices. Coffee is taken seriously too, brewed with organic Arabica beans from various continents around the world — with beans that are purchased from small growers via Trade Fair Organizations.

Glaze Artisan Glazed DonutGlaze Artisan is in New Milford New Jersey
358 River Road
(201) 483-8634

Mon-Thurs — 7am-8pm
Fri — 7am-9pm
Sat — 8am-9pm
Sun — 8am-7pm

For the full list of delicious creations of Glaze Donuts, visit or follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@glazeartisan).

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