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Provide Essential Shelter for Birds During National Bird Feeding Month

Duncraft knows how to celebrate the joy of birds during National Bird Feeding Month in February with a brand new design to shelter many birds in one spot. Help birds survive this critical time before the onset of spring with Duncraft’s brand new Songbird House and Roosting Box.

This 2-in-1 brand new birdhouse system brings the customer peace of mind with perfect-sized entrance holes to welcome small songbirds and deter larger birds. In addition, the tight-fitting, durable construction guarantees birds warm, dry shelter when the weather gets bad and is designed for year-round use. Featuring two 1-1/2 inch entrance holes to accommodate a wide variety of desirable birds, the consumer can enjoy watching chickadees to small woodpeckers and wrens raise their families or seek shelter in the nesting or roosting compartment.



“In essence, you have two separate functions,” said Duncraft owner Mike Dunn about the new Songbird House and Roosting Box. “Bluebirds and wrens can use the nesting box during the summer, while robins can use the roost during the winter. Usually roosting boxes are limited to only a couple of birds, yet it’s important for birds to huddle together to stay warm and the lower [roosting] compartment is perfect for this.”

The roosting compartment on the bottom lets warm air rise to the top and the spacious ladder invites up to six birds to huddle together and conserve energy for warmth when the weather is cold and unrelenting. This roosting area features minimal drafts, so birds can seek shelter inside on cold, wet nights all year and especially during the winter.

This handy 2-in-1 nesting house and roosting box features hygienic, non-porous recycled plastic for minimal maintenance and years of bird feeding enjoyment. Clean both compartments in a single motion by removing the mid-flooring and lowering the bottom panel for easy cleanout. Leave this shelter up all year for the birds! And enjoy watching birds raise their families right in your own backyard!

The Songbird Nesting Box and Roosting House is a one-of-a-kind birdhouse with easy maintenance for a lifetime only available at Duncraft. Find hundreds of durable birdhouses and roosts designed specially for maximum warmth with minimal drafts at

About Duncraft
In 1952, Duncraft, based in Concord, NH, became a leader in the backyard bird feeding industry with their original Flight Deck Windowsill Feeding Station, an innovative design at the time, bringing birds close-up while enjoying bird seed, peanut butter and water right outside your window. Today, Duncraft manufactures more than 600 original bird feeders and houses, designed for intermediate to advanced bird lovers. A national provider of backyard bird feeding supplies, Duncraft connects you with the products you need to succeed in your bird feeding adventures.

Shop Duncraft’s website for a complete selection of bird feeding supplies and roosting boxes for beginner to expert bird enthusiasts, located at logo

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