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Restaurant Sale Stirs Up The Foodie Gossip Pot | Montclair

A January 7th Craigslist posting for “$300,000 Net Income! $350K Down Montclair Restaurant” is causing quite a ruckus in food circles in the Garden State. With very little information given, the trail of breadcrumbs has led to a great deal of speculation regarding which brand is on the market.

The clues:

  1. “Best Main Streets in America” Church St immediately comes to mind. Raymond’s made headlines in 2015 for failing to pay back wages to employees and was ordered to pay $345K to employees.  With “$350K Down” in the headline this seems like a good guess.
  2. “New Hotel going in” There are two restaurants in close proximity to the lot slated to become the MC Hotel but both are thriving and the owners love what they do.
  3.  “best Restaurant in US!” Why is “restaurant” capitalized? Typo, ego, or perhaps a restaurateur for whom English is not their first language.
  4. “best Restaurant in US!LeSalbuen,  Brick Lane,  Mesob, Escape,  and Laboratorio  are not for sale, so we’re stumped.
  5. be prepared to sign a confidentiality agreement” Really? keep a secret in Montclair? never going to happen
  6. Taste of Montclair. Taste of Montclair is March 14 at the Manor. We’ve reached out to restaurants who’ve participated in Montclair’s largest food centric charity event and everyone who replied has stated they are not for sale.

As details unfold, and the gossip boils over, we’ll be sure to share!

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