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Jillian Michaels Leads Investment Group to Take Controlling Interest In Lucky Jack® Organic Coffee Co.

Artisanal Coffee Brand Is Expanding Distribution and Poised to Lead Cold Brew Market.

Lucky Jack® Organic Coffee Co. announced that Jillian Michaels is leading an investment group that has just taken controlling interest in the company. Lucky Jack plans to expand distribution of its unique, artisanal iced brewed coffee.

100% organic from bean to bottle, Lucky Jack is the finest handcrafted coffee possible and will soon lead the cold brew market. From in-house purified water to ultra-premium organic coffee shipped in from all over the world, Lucky Jack combines the best ingredients with innovative production techniques to create the finest, most unique coffee products on the market.

Lucky Jack was created in 2013 by Richard Karno, pioneer of the specialty coffee industry and founder of Groundwork Coffee, one of the first and largest certified organic coffee roasters in Southern California. Lucky Jack is the culmination of Karno’s experience: A fresh roast using only the highest quality coffees from certified organic growers, a roast without additives or preservatives that is as pure and natural as possible.

Karno broke the mold for iced coffee with his method for brewing a smooth, low acid organic espresso concentrate that fortifies his line. He also discovered a way to infuse nitrogen into his coffees, making Lucky Jack the very first bottled cold brew coffee to pour with a head of foamy, silky smooth nitrogen bubbles.

From KRAVE Jerky to Thrive Market, Jillian Michaels has an eye for successful brands and services. “I’m always on the lookout for products that serve a purpose but are also fun, hip, and better for you.  I’m a coffee lover and always have been, but there are certain aspects of traditional coffee that aren’t good for you,” said Michaels. “From start to finish, Lucky Jack is better for you. It’s also the first bottled nitro cold brew in a bottle. It’s an amazing coffee experience.”

“Having spent the last eight years building the Jillian Michaels brand and being a passive investor in better-for-you snacking and boutique fitness brands, the opportunity presented itself for us to delve into a category that is thriving. Lucky Jack has all the right attributes to make it an important player in the growing Cold Brew category. We have established a strong network of relationships and operational experience over the years, that will help us increase both the profile and distribution of Lucky Jack,” said Giancarlo Chersich, Acting CEO of Lucky Jack, Inc.

Lucky Jack comes in six chilled Organic Dark Roasted Arabica Coffee blends, fortified with a proprietary organic espresso concentrate:

  • OLD SCHOOL – For purists! lightly effervescent and delicious.
  • DOUBLE BLACK – For those who like it strong and lightly effervescent.
  • SWEET THING – Blended with organic cane sugar and lightly effervescent.
  • LEAN BEANSweetened with organic stevia and lightly effervescent.
  • MARY JANEA special blend of Double Black, hemp milk, and organic cane sugar.
  • SLOW BREW – Organic, liquid coffee concentrate.

Environmentally sustainable, Lucky Jack uses only fair-trade organic ingredients and carefully watches what is used to keep environmental impact to a minimum. In May 2013, Lucky Jack created a state-of-the-art facility outside of Las Vegas equipped with a water saving system designed to produce almost zero brew water waste.

Lucky Jack is available in Whole Foods in the Southwest, all Sprouts locations, and finer natural food stores in Los Angeles. Visit

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