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The POPZUP POPPER Offers New Way to Snack

Popcorn no longer has a brand new bag. After years of development, the POPZUP POPPER now brings innovative “in the box” technology to enjoying one of our most popular snacks. This reusable, microwave air popped popcorn popper is ready for pre-order through the launch of a Kickstarter Campaign on Tuesday, October 27th. Want everyone to enjoy safe, healthy, and delicious popcorn made in a fun, innovative new way? Well, your chance to help bring the POPZUP POPPER to all is here and now.

Each year, Americans consume 51 quarts of popcorn per person and that was certainly the case in the New Hampshire home of Julie and Marty Lapham, who created the POPZUP POPPER as result of enjoying countless bowls of popcorn with their family. They wanted to find a healthier and safer way to enjoy their favorite snack even more.

“We knew that conventional microwave popcorn was really unhealthy,” says Julie. “The bags have chemicals used to keep solidified saturated fat or hydrogenated oil from seeping through the paper. There are chemicals in the fake butter “smell and flavor.” It’s just unhealthy! But we love the convenience of microwave popcorn and the health benefits of adding our own flavoring. So, we took apart conventional micro pop bags, did research to learn about the history and why they are so bad for you, and we rethought how it’s made and started from scratch to create a new way to microwave popcorn.”

The first thing that had to go was anything added to the container. The POPZUP POPPER has no chemicals, bleach, coatings, oils, metals, polymers or recycled toxins — it’s clean, virgin paperboard printed with food safe grade inks. The packaging also needed to allow for expansion as the popcorn pops, hence, the POPZUP POPPER patent pending expanding locking box design.

“My husband Marty and I designed a box that would allow for expansion as the popcorn pops and support the force of the popcorn as it pops upward. The box also needed to vent steam so the popcorn would always be crunchy. It was a process of analysis and problem solving. It was actually a very fun project. After several years of working with prototypes of all sizes and board weights, we found the perfect combination. We even added cool, stylish popcorn shaped handles for taking it out of the microwave while it’s hot,” says Julie.

You can see the POPZUP POPPER in action in this fun animation, but of course, what’s inside the popper is important, too. Each POPZUP POPPER comes with 12 Golden Butterfly Popcorn Kernel Packets — enough to pop 120 cups of fresh, delicious popcorn.  One POPZUP POPPER pops the equivalent of a case of 12 conventional microwave popcorn bags without all the bad chemicals and unhealthy oils. The kernels are certified non-GMO, high in fiber with antioxidants, 100% whole grain and cholesterol free. Popcorn is already Weight Watchers Power Foods List approved as well as approved for schools under the USDA 2015 Smart Snacks in Schools Standards. (delete and) Also, the kernels used in the POPZUP POPPER make it even more delicious for popcorn lovers.

“We worked with Mike Higgins, a 4th generation owner of a Popcorn Company in Pennsylvania,” says Julie. “He worked with us to find the perfect popcorn kernel variety with the precise amount of moisture for the POPZUP POPPER, a variety that pops up big and fluffy, yet sweet and crunchy. You can enjoy pure air popped popcorn right out of the POPZUP POPPER or pour into a bowl to add olive oil, butter, cheese, peanut butter, truffle salt — any seasonings you’re in the mood to enjoy. It’s your choice!”

The team also worked with NH Small Business Development Center (SBDC) while developing the business. The program is part of University of New Hampshire’s Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, and a cooperative venture of the U.S. Small Business Administration, the State of NH, UNH and the private sector.

“We’ve been working and continue to work with the SBDC throughout the development process. They provide free business consulting services and a resource library to help increase our probability of success. Honestly, I don’t know if we could have accomplished all this without their help and advice,” says Julie.

Now that the prototypes for the POPZUP POPPER have been tested in dozens of microwaves and are perfect, the Kickstarter campaign, launching on Tuesday, October 27th, will allow the company to purchase equipment, manufacture the POPZUP POPPER and fill them with farm fresh popcorn kernels.

“We’re excited to get the word out and to be able to offer this totally new microwave popcorn option to all the popcorn lovers everywhere,” says Marty.

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