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Garlic Shaker Revolutionary Kitchen Gadget Now Available on Pre-Order

Kitchen gadget that peels garlic in seconds available online - product to begin shipping later this year

Garlic Shaker peels garlic in seconds.

SAN DIEGO — Garlic Shaker Inc., creators of the first breakthrough garlic peeling technology in 20 years, today announced the pre-sale availability for the Garlic Shaker® – a kitchen gadget that peels garlic skin off an entire head in seconds.

“Peeling garlic is a pain – it takes forever, you can cut yourself and it leaves your hands smelly for hours,” said Matthew Ramos, founder of Garlic Shaker. “We are delighted by the outpouring of support from fans during our crowdfunding campaign and are very excited to begin production, so we can start putting our product that solves this everyday kitchen problem in the hands of chefs and consumers everywhere.”

Garlic Shaker® is a hand-powered kitchen tool that easily removes the skin from an entire head of garlic in seconds. It is faster than traditional garlic peelers and eliminates any risk of injury that can come from cutting garlic by hand with a knife. This revolutionary kitchen device also is BPA free, food safe, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. But, what makes it stand apart is the technology behind it:

  • Garlic shaker peels garlic in seconds.

    Garlic shaker peels garlic in seconds.

    Simple Physics. The Garlic Shaker® uses simple physics to solve the aggravating problem of how to peel garlic. The force exerted upon the Garlic Shaker® by the user causes the garlic to accelerate. Then the garlic makes contact with the various surfaces inside. That gentle pressure is what shakes the garlic skin off without damaging the tender morsels.

  • Ergonomic Design. The sleek, ergonomic design of the Garlic Shaker® makes it easy to hold and shake, thereby cleaning each clove by gently sheering off the skin with each shaking motion. As a result, the garlic peeling process becomes very fast and simple.
  • Impact Points. Inside the Garlic Shaker® are multiple impact points that cause the garlic to rotate, spin, and gyrate when hitting the multiple surfaces inside. The motions and will gently massage the skin from the garlic without damaging it.

Garlic Shaker® successfully completed its Kickstarter campaign on Sept. 21, raising $50,843 and sold thousands of units to 1,303 backers. To view a recap of the campaign, visit the Garlic Shaker® Kickstarter Campaign.

Garlic Shaker® is available for $19.95 in five different colors – red, blue, grey, black and white. Garlic Shaker® is patent-pending for design, utility and in 90 foreign countries. Individuals can pre-order the artistically crafted kitchen gadget directly by visiting Garlic Shaker

About Garlic Shaker®

Founded in 2012 by Matthew Ramos and Adam Wagner, the company is headquartered in San Diego, and Los Angeles California. Both Ramos and Wagner invented the Garlic Shaker® during a fishing trip in San Quentin, Mexico at a tequila bar in port on napkin. For more information about the Garlic Shaker®, visit Garlic Shaker.


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