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Ghirardelli Blood Orange Chocolate Supreme Brownies Take Over Montclair #Recipe

Making these brownies is super easy ~ Olive That and More‘s Blood Orange is the not-so-secret ingredient.

This past weekend in Upper Montclair, as the Upper Montclair Business District Sidewalk Sale captured the imaginations #shoplocal crowd and Art in the Park drew throngs to Anderson Park, Blood Orange Brownies captivated the customers of Olive That and More. This simple treat created for the staff was gone in a flash as everyone devoured them.

Olive That And More 012Making these brownies was easy ~ start with Ghirardelli Chocolate Supreme Brownie mix from the grocery store and make a switch. Replacing  the vegetable oil suggested on the box with Olive That’s Blood Orange Olive Oil created a great taste treat. That’s it, that’s the entire recipe. (okay, the full recipe is on the Ghirardelli box: mix, water, egg, and oil but the only change made was using a different oil)

While Dr Oz would probably never declare brownies a health food, using Olive Oil instead of “vegetable oil” is a better choice for health and the environment.  The brilliant thing about olive oil in brownies is that result is slightly cake-like, but without losing any of that fudge like decadence everyone loves. Plus the flavor is unbelievable.

Blood Orange Olive Oil is available at Olive That and More at 246 Bellevue Ave Upper Montclair NJ, across from the Chase Bank, two doors from the Bellevue Movie Theatre. (More than one person said these brownies could easily be passed off as completely homemade, so now you know the secret.)


John Lee is Black Tie and Flip Flops’ Raconteur-In-Chief: the World of food is his playground ~ the whole world! Having a Navy Dad gave John the passion to discover the world. Whether in one of Mr. Boeing’s flying machines, as an armchair traveler with a great book, or a plate beaming with the exotic flavors and fragrances, his day is all about discovering the world and sharing the stories with everyone he meets. 

 John cut his teeth in commercial kitchens starting in high school and continued into his undergrad years, then the media bug bit. After University he spent time at the Washington Post Company before jumping on the first internet wave in the 1990’s at some of the major players of the era. John also established himself as a culinary instructor where his style of cooking was first called “Comfort Food Remixed.” Don’t get him started on Disney Dining, but yes, he tried “the grey stuff” and it is delicious. John jokes that he’s staying in NJ because he didn’t have enough miles to trade in for a return ticket home to San Diego, but we think he likes it here. 


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