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Renowned New Jersey Chef Dan Richer Launches Exclusive Butter At Whole Foods Market Clark

Dan Richer, the chef and co-owner behind two of New Jersey’s favorite restaurants—Razza Pizza Artigianale (Jersey City) and Arturo’s Osteria & Pizzeria (Maplewood), is thrilled to announce that his celebrated in-house made butter will be available for purchase at Whole Foods Market Clark, opening this Friday, August 7th.

Razza is recognized for its highly coveted, artisanal pizzas featuring fresh, local ingredients and naturally-leavened dough; but the restaurant’s unbelievable and undeniably mouth-watering house made Bread and Butter takes center stage and is known to leave lasting impressions on diner’s taste buds. The locally sourced cream used to make Razza Butter has been gently fermented with beneficial bacteria (just as you’ll find in yogurt) to give it a cheese-like tang.

Local_Razza_Photo“I’m a self-taught bread baker, and when I was learning the intricacies of dough making, I became obsessed with the fermentation process. I went on to make my own beer, pickles, yogurt and eventually—cultured butter,” said Richer. “I call myself the anti-chef. If I can take something off the plate to make it more special, then I’ll do it. It’s for this reason that so much attention has been placed on making Razza Butter the very best it can be with the simplest, yet highest-quality ingredients.”

“We love partnering with beloved local chefs like Dan Richer, and are thrilled to be the first retail store to carry his delicious butter,” said Elly Truesdell, Local Forager for the Northeast Region. “This butter is the real deal, from the ingredients it’s made from to the process of how it gets created.”

Razza Butter is made from dairy that comes from a certified organic, family-owned farm in Chester County, PA. The cows on this farm are all grass-fed, with these grassy, earthy flavors coming through in the flavor of the butter.

Razza Butter will launch exclusively at Whole Foods Market’s newest location in Clark, NJ (1255 Raritan Road) opening day, August 7th.  The butter will be available in 5.5oz. glass jars and will retail for $6.99.

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Clark Bar
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