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Guy Fieri Sends Superstar Chefs Racing Through The Aisles In Guy’s Grocery Games All-Stars

Five Episode Stunt Premieres August 23rd at 8pm ET/PT on Food Network

Guy Fieri hosts some of the biggest stars from Food Network and Cooking Channel in special summertime stunt, Guy’s Grocery Games All-Stars, premiering Sunday, August 23rd at 8pm ET/PT on Food Network. Each of the five episodes features four culinary all-stars competing in a number of challenges as they navigate their way through the aisles of a grocery store with curveballs from games such as the Fieri Food Pyramid or the feared Food Wheel. Whether it is preparing an upscale dinner using frozen and canned foods, making a noodle dish from the clearance carts or creating a dinner using ingredients from the produce aisle only, each All-Star chef has to shop, prepare, and plate three different dishes using only what they can grab from the grocery store aisles. One-by-one the losing All-Stars check out, determined by a rotating panel of judges that includes Richard Blais, Melissa d’Arabian, Duskie Estes, G. Garvin, Troy Johnson, Beau MacMillan, Brian Malarkey, Catherine McCord and Aarti Sequeira. In the fifth and final episode, each All-Star is teamed up with a professional athlete, giving them even more of a sporting chance to be the victor and go on a shopping spree for a cash prize for their charity!

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Premiering Sunday, August 23rd at 8pm ET/PT
“All-Stars: Flavortown Flips Over the Judges!”
Guy Fieri turns the tables on the show’s All-Star judges by making Richard Blais, G. Garvin, Beau MacMillan and Aarti Sequeira compete in the kitchen! First, they must eat their words and prepare an international lunch using only items that begin with the letters P and Z! Then, they must prepare a decadent dinner using only ingredients from the produce aisle. The two finalists must prepare a family meal that includes three strange ingredients from the Fieri Food Pyramid. The winning judge learns how challenging the Shopping Spree really is as they race to earn up to $20,000 for their charity of choice.
Judges : Duskie Estes, Troy Johnson, Catherine McCord

Premiering Sunday, August 30th at 8pm ET/PT
“All-Stars and A-Lister Dinners”
Culinary titans Anne Burrell, Eric Greenspan, Jet Tila and Marcel Vigneron are not spared Guy Fieri‘s twists when a bowling game selects some strikingly bizarre ingredients for a hearty lunch. Next, the chefs have to think outside the boxed foods and make their best dish using processed items from the middle aisles of the store. Then, the chefs experience real highs and lows when the feared Food Wheel determines the high-end and low-end ingredients in their A-list dinner. The winning All-Star chef goes on a shopping spree for charity worth up to $20,000.
Judges: Duskie Estes, Troy Johnson, Brian Malarkey

Premiering Sunday, September 6th at 8pm ET/PT
“Catch A Shopping Star”
Four World Class All-Stars, Ron Ben-Israel, Penny Davidi, Pat Neely and Justin Warner, compete to win up to $20,000 for charity. First up, chefs must make their favorite lunch using a ridiculous red light special. Next, chefs must rummage through the Clearance Carts to make their Best Noodle Dish. Finally, who will reign supreme making their Show-Stopping Dinner using the four uncanny ingredients from the Fieri Food Pyramid?
Judges: Melissa d’Arabian. Duskie Estes, G. Garvin

Premiering Sunday, September 13th at 8pm ET/PT
“All-Stars in the Aisles”
Guy pulls no punches when he challenges All-Star chefs Madison Cowan, Elizabeth Falkner, Aaron McCargo Jr., and Michael Psilakis to make an upscale dinner using the double whammy of frozen and canned foods! Next, it’s time for multiple cart swaps in a weekend brunch edition of musical carts! Then, the remaining two All-Stars must turn a kernel of an idea into their best dish using 1 ingredient – corn, in 2 different ways, with ingredients from 3 aisles. Our winning All-Star shops for up to $20,000 for their charity.
Judges: Richard Blais, Duskie Estes, Troy Johnson

Premiering Sunday, September 20th at 8pm ET/PT
“All-Stars Team Up with Pro Athletes”
Four professional athletes pair up with celebrity chefs including Rich Aurelia with Robert Irvine, Marcel Reece with Brian Malarkey, Jennifer Lacy with Marc Murphy, andTakeo Spikes with Lorena Garcia for one of the biggest All-Star lineups Guy’s Grocery Games has ever seen! These dynamic duos are challenged to make a winner’s dinner using only 7 items after going through the express lane. Next, a toss of the dice determines what these pairs of pros must use for their pre-game meal! Then, teams race the store relay-style, grabbing only one ingredient at a time, to create their best cheat day dish! The winning team will get the chance to sprint through the aisles for up to $30,000 for charity!
Judges: Troy Johnson, Beau MacMillan, Aarti Sequeira

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Guy’s Grocery Games is produced by Relativity Lifestyle Television, a division of Relativity Television.

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