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From Humble Roots to the White House: Loaded Potato Skin Announces Candidacy for President

Skin '16 Campaign Logo (PRNewsFoto/Skin For President 2016)

NEW YORK — Pledging to put some “skin in the game,” today the iconic appetizer, Loaded Potato Skin, officially announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Mr. Potato Skin said he’s looking forward to mashing things up and offering real change along the political landscape and hope for America.

Capitalizing on his enormous popularity, Potato Skin would be the 17th candidate in an already crowded field, but he remains undaunted by some of his big-name competitors- and is relying partly on geometric proof that he belongs in the White House.

“I’m oval. The oval office is oval. You do the math,” Mr. Potato Skin said.



Potato Skin will also work to bridge important issues in Washington, including introducing Universal Ranch Dressing Coverage.

“As the fourth-largest food crop in the world, I offer a fresh set of eyes and an incredibly resilient spirit to lead this country into the next generation,” said Mr. Potato Skin, “These days, Democrats and Republicans can’t even sit at the same table. But what if that table was filled with potatoes and bacon and melted cheese?”

He will not be affiliated with any political party, but knows how to party, and is prepared to prove it. Since he is not human, but a delicious appetizer, The Potato Skin will rely heavily on the “write-in candidate” dynamic, and encourages supporters to visit and weigh in using #PotatoPOTUS and #PotatoInChief in social conversations.

Loaded Potato Skins are served over 5 million times a week at TGI Fridays, and he and his appetizer friends have worked tirelessly to satisfy their fellow Americans during the wildly popular Fridays Endless Appetizer promotion – which is back for a limited time.

Stay informed on the latest Skin ’16 campaign updates by following @PotatoInChief

About the Potato Skin
Born in 1974 in New York City, the Loaded Potato Skin started as a struggling spud among a sea of other vegetables. However, it was soon discovered that he and his relatives contain more potassium than bananas, spinach or broccoli. Working tirelessly to dispel his image as a mere side dish, the potato become the most popular vegetable in the land with Americans consuming more than 45 billion pounds of potatoes each year—an average of almost 365 potatoes per person per year, or one potato a day. If elected, he would be the youngest president in history at the age of 41.

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