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Omaha Steaks Introduces New Sausages for Summer

Omaha Steaks new Pork Potsticker Sausage brings all the flavor of the Asian favorite to your summer barbeque.

Omaha Steaks, the country’s leading provider of exceptional grain-fed beef and other premium gourmet foods, announced today the launch of a complete new line of sausages just in time for the official start of summer. The new Omaha Steaks line includes fresh interpretations of classic sausages and innovative new flavors including Bison Franks as well as Kielbasa, Andouille, Chicken Chipotle, and Pork Potsticker Sausages, which bring a new twist to a classic grilling food. The expansion of the Omaha Steaks sausage line comes in repose to customer requests for additional grilling options.

Spice up your next barbeque with Omaha Steaks super-juicy Chicken Chipotle Sausages!

Spice up your next barbeque with Omaha Steaks super-juicy Chicken Chipotle Sausages!

The new sausage line will join Omaha Steaks ever popular list of classics, including Polish Sausages, Italian Sausages, Gourmet Bratwurst, Old World Beef Franks and Gourmet Jumbo Franks, which were chosen by Washingtonian Magazine as the Top Hot Dog in America.

According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council more than 21 million hot dogs will be consumed at major league ballparks in the United States this summer and another 150 million will be enjoyed on Independence Day.

“Given the popularity of hot dogs and sausages at summer events like baseball games and Fourth of July celebrations it’s no surprise that sausages top the list of items consumers are grilling at home,” said Senior Vice President Todd Simon. “Omaha Steaks is excited to expand our sausage line with traditional old-world classics and new flavors perfect for grilling as a main dish at your next event or to use in your favorite recipe.”

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