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Tilted Kilt Coming To The New Bloomfield Center | Essex County

Arrival Of National Brand Signals Bloomfield Redevelopment Success

Regardless which way the Scottish vote goes, one thing is for certain: the Tilted Kilt is coming to Bloomfield Center as a part of the Bloomfield Renaissance.

Known for it’s scantily clad waitresses in tartan, Tilted Kilt has often been called a “Breastaurant” because of the attire, or lack there of, of the serving staff. Yes, the whole thing is titillating. Puns done. So what else is there to tell.

Bloomfield has seen a revival in the last few years. Construction at Bloomfield College coupled with a new parking deck, new commercial development plus new housing has revived the downtown area that includes Bloomfield College, Broad Street, Washington Street, and Glenwood Ave. It was during the early days of the redevelopment that we first discovered Anthony’s Cheesecake  and that obsession has remained with me every since.

Tilted KiltTilted Kilt is planned for the project that borders Washington and Glenwood. This same project will also include retail and housing, as well as a Foodtown supermarket. If you have not been to a Foodtown market recently, be sure to visit the one on Rt 23 in Cedar Grove to get an idea of what to expect. The Bloomfield Tilted Kilt location is one of 27 that are in the works, the chain has over 90 other establishments including one in Wayne.

The Tilted Kilt’s story is best told by the company itself, from their webpage:

While the Tilted Kilt concept has its roots deep in the rousing tradition of Scottish, Irish and English Pubs, it actually first came to life in America’s own sin city, Las Vegas. The brainchild of successful restaurateur Mark DiMartino, Tilted Kilt was conceived to be a contemporary, Celtic-themed sports Pub staffed with beautiful servers in sexy plaid kilts and matching plaid bras.

To launch his enticing creation, DiMartino assembled a stellar management team consisting of Shannon Reilly – a free spirit and conspiracy theorist, and John Reynaud – a great guy and aspiring golf pro.

The winning concept was an instant success and gained national and global exposure because of its Las Vegas location. Although Tilted Kilt wasn’t originally created to be a franchise, it wasn’t long before it caught the eye of Ron Lynch, an experienced and savvy restaurant and franchise developer. In addition to his vast restaurant franchising experience, Ron Lynch stood a towering 6’6” tall, which made him a figure the team could literally look up to.

Both parties agreed that Tilted Kilt had a broad, far-reaching appeal with a very real chance to gain success and a loyal following in multiple regions. In moving forward, their first step was to relocate the Tilted Kilt headquarters to Tempe, Arizona, where it is still based today.

Now, with locations far and wide across the country and many more scheduled to open, Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery continues to lift spirits and joyously reaffirm that “A Cold Beer Never Looked So Good.”®

The folks at Tilted Kilt don’t know it yet, but Black Tie And Flip Flops is going to push them to become sponsors of Bloomfield Restaurant Week and Taste of Bloomfield in 2016!

As details emerge, and we wander the area while on a cheesecake adventure, they will be shared.


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1 Comment on Tilted Kilt Coming To The New Bloomfield Center | Essex County

  1. Big Bucks Cali // July 19, 2016 at 5:55 am // Reply

    Save your money and go elsewhere. This place is has the worse service ever! Every single thing you can imagine happens in this place. 1st how can a place which has been open only 7 months go through 7 different managers, including 4 GMs 1 of which only lasted opening night. (1) beware of using your credit card there because you might be a victim of fraud. Bartenders plugging in their phones directly into the POS system that takes customer credit cards. Therefore, giving outside 3rd parties instant wireless access to their own POS system. The USB port was hidden at the bottom on the system, how does she know it was there, she’s done it so many times, so imagine how many times the system was exposed. (2) they falsify their own reviews to mislead the public. (3) Food is over priced and they nickle and dime you for everything. Paid $13.99 for a sandwich then got surcharged $1.50 for 2 rings of onion, 1 slice of tomato and a rotten looking piece of lettuce. They place the burnt side on the bottom so you won’t notice it as you open the bread. (4) Referring back to the false review on their own bartender placed a false 5 star review. Proof, the review talks about the bar drinks and bar food, hmm a person that has the same exact name as the reviewer the reviewer talking about bar food and the bartender working the same night as the review posted immediately after a negative one went up. They had a list taped to the POS system by the door of about 25 beers that were 86’d (sold out or never there) on a Saturday night, with always empty referrigerators because the owners in New Brunswich refuse to give this place any money ha! (6) this one cant be confirmed because it was told to us by a male bartender about other employees, so its 2nd word of mouth – that waitresses came up to him and said some of went home with customers and some with 2 girls and a guy. 3rd party rumor. Seeing how the place is always empty, this Saturday night 6 people in the whole place, this Monday 4 people in the entire place. And the excuse the manager says, oh lets wait 3 months until football season, loser!


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