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Montclair NJ Farmers’ Markets Officially Reopen In June

Fans of Montclair Farmers' Market Launch Facebook and Twitter

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Anyone who ever doubted, even for a minute, that the residents of Montclair don’t love food more than anyone is in for a surprise.

For 2015 Summer in Montclair will once again include two farmer’s markets: the decades old “Montclair Farmers’ Market” on Walnut Street as well as the “Farmers’ Market 2.0” that returns for a second year on South Park Street in Montclair Center.



New Jersey is the Garden State, anyone who has been stuck in traffic looking at the license plate of the car before them knows this. From that vantage point, and countless television appearances, it would appear that the state nickname is just that, a nickname, because it so many of the gardens are gone. Decades of out of control suburban sprawl have pushed New Jersey’s farms to the outer edges of the state where there is space to grown, but few local customers. Farmers’ Markets are changing all of that by bringing the farmer to the consumer. And the results are a culinary wonderland, and soon that wonderland will be in the heart of Montclair.

The Saturday Montclair Farmers’ Market is one of the oldest of suburban markets. Located in the Walnut Street Train Station parking lot, this market only sells what is grown in New Jersey. The official opening day for the Montclair Market is June 6th but that doesn’t mean that some of the favorite vendors don’t pop in for the off season market.

Key dates for the Montclair Farmer’s Market: Montclair 2.0 opens on Tuesday June 9th at 1pm and the Montclair Farmers’ Market on Walnut Street officially opens June 6, 2014 at 8am.

Fans of the Montclair Farmers’ Market have created a fan page: Montclair Farmers’ Market on Facebook. Fans of the market also can be found on twitter at @MontFarmersMrkt.

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